[PDF] Would YOU Or Wouldn't YOU For... Love?




Would YOU Or Wouldn't YOU For... Love?

by Mr. Darris Bailey

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To Whom It May Concern: Would You or Wouldn’t You For Love? is an urban fiction tale about a man whose life is lived three dimensionally. As there is believed to be a Holy Trinity, there is ego, superego and the id. There is Man, there is Woman and there is Child, just as there is Sun, Moon and Earth. There is Mind, Body and Soul, just as there is me, myself and I. A man is faced with various trials in his life in which the trinity within him converses, debates and argues about who will attend to whatever decisions and courses of actions need to be taken in his life. Osiris Anubis Bailey is known as “O” or god to those who were part of his past as well as to those who are familiar with his reputation. Osiris is a man who is tested in various ways and each trial and tribulation demands for a decision to be made. The three dimensions of him all have their own agenda. After serving ten years in prison the once Underground King of Trinity City finds himself struggling for stability within his being. The Body (Nigga) within him wants to revert back to the “Street Life”, in pursuit of murder, mayhem, chaos and confusion. The Soul (god) within him only wants to live in a state of love, peace and happiness. The Mind (Man) within him strives for balance and solidity. At times they agree on matters and other times debates take place. No one division of Osiris has complete control, so truces are made and broken. He suffers victories and losses while constantly sinking into his marijuana addiction. His friends want only what’s best for him, but all know that he does what it is he wants to do. Osiris, though filled with knowledge, it’s in his understanding of it that he is wise, still he fails to apply it at times, which can make him appear to be the fool. Those who come to know him, love him dearly. It’s for love that Osiris finds himself taking risks and forsaking himself. Whether it’s for the love of a woman or a friend, Osiris struggles to overcome his marijuana addiction and the urges to kill and destroy. How far will he go for love? Will he live for it? Die for it? Kill for it? Just like Osiris, at times in our lives we have found ourselves at the threshold of life altering decision, torn between the desires of the Flesh (physical), the needs of the Mind (mental) and the longings of the Soul (spiritual). Are we not all guilty of having asked ourselves, would we or wouldn’t we for love? Thank You, Darris “Dino” Bailey P.S. If you should chose to examine the chapters submitted, understand that the capitalization of certain words is for emphasis purposes. 171bf2437f



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publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; First edition (March 23, 2017)
lang: English
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